190T Black Motorcycle Cover Waterproof Outdoor Rain Dust UV Scooter Protector




1. Made of 190T polyester taffeta materials with PU coated.
2. Protect your motorcycle against rain, dust, heat, tree sap, damaging UV rays & inclementweather with top to bottom coverage.
3. Elastic hem and side squeeze buckle underneath for a secure and snug fit.
4. Easy to carry, fits most motorcycle’s saddle bag after folded.
5. Lock-holes from front wheel: diameter is 3.8cm, enabling cover to be locked to motorbike via front wheel,for a double security while providing an fully vented protection from all kinds of bad weather.
Size: L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL
Material: 190T Polyester Taffeta Fabric + PU Coating
Color: Black
UV: 50+
L Size: Approx. 220x95x110cm/ 86.61×37.40×43.31″
XL Size: Approx. 230x95x125cm/ 90.55×37.40×49.21″
2XL Size: Approx. 245x105x125cm/ 96.46×41.34×49.21″
3XL Size: Approx. 265x105x125cm/ 104.33×41.34×49.21″4XL Size: Approx. 295x110x140cm/ 116.14×43.31×55.12″

Package Included:
1 X Motorbike Cover

Additional information

Weight 0.73 oz



147 L, 148 XL, 149 2XL, 1976 4XL, 9039 3XL


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