3.7V 1200mAh Electric Heated Shoe Insoles Foot Warmer Heater Feet Battery Warm Socks Ski Boot



Description:Application: For everyone use in cold days such as travelers, the elder,motorcycle racing,cycling,skiing,skating,fishing,climbing and other outdoor sports and so on.Can be cut according to their insoles size but not cut to the smallest yards or less.With easy to use, high fever temperature, long service life and so on.The use of carbon fiber material, in the power of heating at the same time, carbon fiber issued far infrared, play a role in promoting blood circulation and other health effects.Slim more warm, low voltage, constant temperature heating. Heat a wide area, heat evenly.Waterproof seal design, chips, batteries are waterproof design, do not worry about sweat caused by static electricity, but also simple washing.Heating efficiency, intelligent remote control, electronic control part of the remote control one-to-one control insole transfer, shutdown, high, medium and low three stalls.


Gender: Men/Women

Type: InsolesToe Shape: RoundUpper Material: Composite Carbon FiberPattern: SolidRated Voltage: 3.7VUniversally Used Charger: 100V-230VCharging Time: 3.5-5hBattery Capacity: 1200mAhColor: RedSeason: Spring, Summer, Autumn, WinterSuitable Code Number: 39-47 SizeLarge Size (L): Approx. 285mm x 90mm x 3mm (1cm=0.39Inches)Working Principle:By the battery output DC (voltage and current) through the temperature control switch regulation directly to the heat carrier at both ends of the cable pressure to the heating carrier inside the heat carrier is pressurized heat energy to convert heat to release.Instructions For Use:Connect the cord and charger to the insole.The battery is fully charged before use, the charger is lit red indicating charging, when fully charged, the lights turn green.And then according to their own needs through the smart remote control buttons to adjust the temperature. 

Package Included:1 X Pair Of Heated Insole (Without Box)1 X Remote Control1 X USB Power Cord

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